Body Language Osteopath

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Your body language can determine the rate at which you make friends and meet people, it can determine the difference between getting that job or being declined. It lets others know whether you are confident or shy, happy or depressed. It allows others to question your personality and even guess your mood.


– During your first visit, which will be your initial consultation, we use this technique along with our knowledge in anatomy, physiology, signs and symptoms of pathologies and injuries to be able to determine where you are in pain and also where we need to target in order to reduce the pain and have an immediate improvement.

– Immobilty, pain and discomfort is apparent in your body language. You will have a full assessment  and go through several testings in order to determine the root of your pain and how we can work with you.

– A full explanation will be given to you and a plan of treatments explained to you. Each patient is treated as an individual, therefore number of treatments varies according to the injury.

Although the majority of our patients come to us with back, neck and other joint problems, We treat and can help relieve and/or eradicate other various acute and chronic disorders. We also help with nerve and muscle related problems.

  • Upper and Lower back pain | Neck pain
  • Muscle spasms | Stress | Headaches
  • Joint and arthritic pain | Sports injuries
  • Whiplash | Postural problems
  • Occupational discomfort | Work station assessments

Our aim is:

1) Reduce your pain

2) Establish and treat the CAUSE of the pain

3) Rehabilitation and Educate to reduce occurance of injury

4) Understand your body’s language

5) Maintain good health

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