Prices and promotions

Body Language believe in finding and treating the CAUSE of the problem and not just the symptoms. Without compromising our services and treatment plan, we offer attractive and affordable packages that is suitable for each individual price range.

These packages include FREE-


  1. Exercise and postural training
  2. Made to fit pillow and made to fit orthotics
  3. Personal work station assessment

NHS osteopath: Body language clinic understand the cost of chronic problems therefore we offer discounts off osteopathic treatment package accompanied with a letter from your Gp. (depending on bodylanguage assessment findings)

Go to our contact us page, fill out the form and ask us more about our packages and to see if you qualify for the NHS package.

Initial consultation include full case history, full spinal and joint assessment, posture assessment, orthopaedic testing and treatment.

Consultation: £70 (length of treatment can differ according to each patient)

Follow up treatments£50 (length of treatment can differ according to each patient)

PS3-Spine Illuminated-Medium


Osteopathic treatment, medical acupuncture, postural, exercise and nutritional educational workshop, strapping and taping if required.

1 hour massage: £60

(£70 with medical acupuncture)

30mins massage: £40

(£45 with medical acupuncture)

includes massage, lymphatic drainage to the affected region

As a separate booking, this tailored postural, exercise and nutrition workshop session: £30

Home visits available in and around London. South, east and central London (Additional costs depending on distance)

Discount available with block bookings of 5, 10 & 15 treatments.

Discount available to all treatments when you refer a friend/family to Body Language clinic

Accepting most major health insurances. unfortunately we are unable to accept cards so payments must be made by either cash or cheque.



Book an appointment

Contact us for more information about discounts with block bookings and NHS booking:

0203 731 5776/ 07931 676752


Understand your body, speak its language!


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